Building a world where the will of the people counts

I am Catalan, live in Heidelberg for more than 20 years, and I have a vision of cultural diversity, and ecological intelligence. This includes the right of self-determination as part of any democratic process.

I volunteered for the Referendum on self-determination in Catalonia on October 1st 2017. It was a deeply moving experience, and I never have seen such a beautiful exercise of social cohesion, and self-organization, with 2,x million people acting with a strong and pacific will to build a better world. Those who were there that day know in their hearts that this is not only a romantic statement. It is a pure truth, which does not need any proof.

That day changed me, and gave me the energy to keep fighting for this better world in a more active way.

Up to that day, I was naive enough to believe that the Spanish government could not ignore the will of these 2,x million people, but I was awfully wrong. Spain doesn’t care about the will of the people, especially if they belong to a cultural region outside their hispanic vision, and they do not hesitate to imprison people unjustly and violate legality in order to preserve their artificial unity. This is very sad, and I am convinced that in the mid to long term the Spanish system will not survive this attack to human rights, and cultural diversity.

The Catalan revolution is not only about a few million people in the South of Europe. Cultural diversity, like biological diversity, is threatened by the globalization imperative, which looks like a chance, but is motivated by the economic interests of big corporations. Local traditions, dialects, and languages are dying. The Catalan revolution is a pacific revolutionary cell which can, and must, be taken as chance for a trend change, and motivate the construction of a better United Regions of Europe.