Democracy in Coffins: That’s the real Spain

February 5th, 2019

I wake up with an innocent thought. We’re a global society more connected than ever, and philosophically one. It’s human that colors on a political map change regularly, and it should be a peaceful process. Colors on a map must not necessarily mean borders across regions, but rather cultural flavours. It’s delusional that states persist on keeping territories forever. We must keep working on a united society, where human and environmental dignity and integrity are priority No. 1. Unity is not the same as uniformity. You can have a united society in diversity, multiple colors and cultures, and local self-organization with regional identities. Unity does not mean making quick decisions together without debate. Wise decisions for complex, and important challenges need time and openness for different opinions.

Democracy in Spain is in coffins, and Europe must promote our growth as human beings, and not only as markets. I dedicate this blog and cartoon to our Catalonia political prisoners who are enduring human rights violations for a dream we share: To build a social and ecologically intelligent society, in freedom, equality, and cultural diversity, beyond the delusional states of our past and present times.

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