Smile, be present, keep walking the walk!


The picture above shows my projects, and visions in a nutshell: Ecological intelligence, music, Catalan revolution, Zen leadership. I just remembered some recommendations from American FISH philosophy trainings: Choose your attitude, play, be present. Catalans promote “The Smile Revolution” (la Revolució dels Somriures), whereas we keep focused, continue walking the walk, and peacefully fight against repression, transforming our understandable anger into passion.

In a few hours I’ll take the train from Heidelberg to Frankfurt am Main to participate in a demonstration organized by the Assemblea Nacional de Catalunya in Germany, and ask for the freedom of Catalan pacific activists, and political prisoners who had been elected, and were just re-elected by the Catalan people on 21 December 2017. It is shameful that Europe keeps looking the other way, but I’ll try to keep a smile on my lips, a yellow ribbon on my chest, and a strong voice to sing.

By the way, I bought the beautiful 1-Oct mini ballot box in La Botiga VilaWeb when I was in Barcelona visiting my family for Christmas. I loved the shop, including its location in Carrer Ferlandina in Barcelona!

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