The secret of the fly

Once upon a time a bee and a fly got into a house through an open window. Nature has given bees the gift to generally keep calm, and follow the light in their quests through the world. Nature has given the fly a slightly different strategy: They must follow the light as much as possible, and if they get trapped, they are called to go berserk, and fly randomly around like crazy.
Who is more likely to find the way out by herself? The bee or the fly?
The bee will keep walking in circles on the window glass for half an eternity, even if the window is ajar.┬áThe probability that she finds the way out is pretty low, because she cannot perceive the difference between glass, and open air. The fly doesn’t know much better, but she’ll start flying around in all directions like crazy, and sooner or later, she’ll find the way out, unless she gets so far away from the window that she gets lost altogether.
When writing her memoirs the fly will tell us that she could escape because of her brilliant real-time topological calculation in 7 space-time dimensions. In her memoirs the bee will tell us that she never lost hope because she was enlightened, and her mystical energy compelled the owners of the house to open all windows wide open, so that she could eventually go.
Many other brilliant flies, and many other mystical bees will not write any memoirs at all, because they’ll get eaten by a crow who was idly flying near the window at the very moment when the genial insects happened to break free.

There is no unique solution, and no master plan for complex situations in life. Innovative processes, revolutions, love stories, business successes, freedom projects, e.g. the Catalonia Republican movement which I personally support, are complex projects, and they cannot be planned in detail. There are no guarantees, even if we do a brilliant job, and there is no ultimate failure, because failure and success go always hand in hand. From time to time, the worst of all hazards may unexpectedly bring a breakthrough.
The secret lies in following your instincts, developing a meaningful vision, working hard, keeping hope, and welcoming randomness as an ally.

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