Why am I pro-indy?

In western society rationality is religion, but there’s no rational way to enlighten anyone of anything. Rationality is often taken as pretext to confirm, deny, or round emotional views. I claim the fusion of rationality and feelings as two aspects of the same human consciousness.
As a corollary, it’s of no use to eternally discuss with people who use “arguments” such as, e.g. “What about the other half of Catalans?”, “You have less than 50% of votes”, “You’re egoists”, “You’re supremacist, and nationalist, and bad!”. There’re enough rational answers, but they’re useless without empathy and sympathy.
Note: Empathy is not sympathy. Empathy is the capacity to put yourself in other people’s shoes. This is necessary, but not sufficient, to convey sympathy. Repressive regimes also use empathy to psychologically attack people, and they’re NOT sympathetic. I’m continuously searching for ways to explain why I’m Catalonia pro-indy, and I often start from scratch because rationally brilliant proofs alone will convince no one. Today I try it with a few “fusion” arguments:

    • I’m pro-indy because I want to be myself without feeling I’m guilty, and bad.
    • I’m pro-indy because I want to live, further grow, and evolve in my native language, Catalan, in the same way I live in, say, German, or any other language in the world, without most people making me feel I’m narrow-minded, stupid, and ultimately bad.
    • I’m pro-indy because I believe in responsibility taking, self-determination and self-organization. Note: Self-determination is more than only “voting”. People can also vote blindly, and states have too many propagandistic, or repressive ways to influence, or misuse the result of elections.
    • I’m pro-indy because I believe in the beauty, and natural right of cultural collectivities to exist, and flourish.
    • I’m pro-indy because I believe in a united Europe of the ecologically intelligent regions.
    • I’m pro-indy because love for diversity brings real unity, and uniformity kills the soul.

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