Spain hurts human rights & promotes torturers


March 2018:

Spain imprisons pacific activists with republican visions, keeps them in preventive jail without legal reasons, and threatens to convict them to 30 years penalty without credible crimes, while it reprieves, and even promotes Spanish torturers.

Below I show a few examples of people promoted by the Spanish state after attacking fundamental human rights, and freedom of opinion, and other examples of the right-winged policies of the Spanish system. It is not my goal today to give a detailed analysis about how Spain regularly hurts Human Rights, how the theoretical separation of powers in Spain is only theoretical, and how the Spanish system has not yet overcome Franquism in a healthy way, and keeps avoiding transparency. You can find exhaustive information, proof, and details in books, articles, and blogs by several experts. I just want to invite you to broaden your perspective, before adopting the official version of the Spanish state, which dominates the standard media coverage.

Diego Pérez de los Cobos, responsible for the repressive attacks of Spanish police and Guardia Civil against 1O referendum voters, was promoted to General of la Guardia Civil (Spanish paramilitary forces). See original articles, for example:

Sánchez Corbí is a torturer promoted to Spanish hero. Together with two others, he was convicted on 1997 to 12 years prison, and 18 years ban of office for torturing ETA members, but his sentence was reduced, and finally he was reprieved by José María Aznar (former president of PP conservative party) on 1999. Today he leads the UCO (operative Unit of Guardia Civil), gives speeches about anti-terror methods, and was sent shortly ago to represent the Spanish State on the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT). See original version of the article for details:

María Elósegui was appointed judge for the European Court for Human Rights representing Spain, despite her conservative, and homophobic views:

Conservative, populist parties PP, and Ciudadanos fight to steal each other’s votes using tactics such as, e.g. further hardening the penal law, and bringing back life sentences. The Socialist Party PSOE has been helping PP and C’s to fight Catalan Republicans, e.g. by irregularly applying Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to suspend the Catalan Government, but they do not currently support bringing back life sentences:

In Spain there is a Foundation for Francisco Franco, even though it sounds pretty surrealistic, and they just got a new president, General Juan Chicharro Ortega, ex colleague of Juan Carlos I during military service. On his introduction speech General Juan Chicharro Ortega praises Franco, and the Spanish dictatorship. Could you imagine something similar for, say, Hitler? See original version of the article for details:

The criminalization of pacific activism continues as we speak. A few days ago it was proven that the Catalan government did not use any public funds to finance 1O Catalan independence referendum, or similar, and the accusations for rebellion are artificial. The witch hunt continues:

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