Spiritual School of The ecologically intelligent European Republic


17 February 2018: 

(Version 1.2, Work in Progress)

A Republic of Catalonia within a European Republic of regional republics – we like the term suggested by Ulrike Guérot, and would like to emphasize the regional character of the member states –  is an opportunity to build a new ecologically intelligent Europe where cultural and ecological diversity, solidarity, strong social and ecological values, and empathy build the foundation for a new type of republican constitution. Let’s say goodbye to the traditional states of the past, built on clout, centralistic economic interests, and more often than not on authoritarianism, and repression. Some European states like, e.g. Spain are ready to do “whatever it takes”, including torture, psychological violence, and repression, to smother the self-determination aims of minority regions like, for example, Catalonia, and the Basque country, and confer a much higher priority to keep an artificial unity of Spain above human rights, or continuous nurturing of cultural identities, and regional languages. This repressive, centralistic state concept does not belong to a Europe of the XXI century. The states of the XXI century are ecologically intelligent, social, empathic, united and decentralized, self-organized by regions, locally active, globally solidary, and culturally rich.

We envision a Spiritual School of The ecologically intelligent European Republic, starting with a virtual Republic of Catalonia driven by a Dalai-Lama-like team in Brussels, with Carles Puigdemont, and the members of the exiled Catalan government, as core team, to be extended over time with further activists from other regions of Europe.

Initial tasks, and goals, of the school are the following:

  • Build an eRepublic of Catalonia, where catalans from all over the world, including new catalans from other regions, who identify with the eRepublic of Catalonia, can register and provide, and get services, starting with an ePassport. The eRepublic of Catalonia believes, among others, in multiple citizenships.
  • Develop a constitution for the Republic of Catalonia within a European Republic, based on values such as, e.g. civil rights beside human rights, ecologically intelligence, solidarity, empathy, economic decentralization, self-organization by regions united under a republican umbrella, cultural diversity, the right of self-determination, etc.
  • Recruit talent, and volunteers from all over Europe to build the eRepublic of Catalonia.
  • Get trained, and further train people to develop spiritual values to promote self-confidence, inner strength, perseverance, patience, and leadership based on trust, innocence, and modesty, according to the spiritual wisdom of our elders (e.g. Taoistic values, original christian values, etc.).
  • Collaborate with existing organizations, and political groups to further develop a vision for a European Republic, e.g. The European Democracy Lab
  • Develop a business plan for the school. Look for initial funding, and sponsors, to finance the school as non-profit organization, with reserves for the next, say, 10 years.
  • Create a school curriculum, offer courses (e.g. teach minority languages, promote dialects, philosophy/history courses, workshops around how to build an independent, high quality press, best practices for pacific revolutions, eGovernment best practices, etc), give speeches, create FAQs and books, organize debates (e.g. the states of the future, a visionary regional Europe, the importance of languages, and dialects as pillar of cultural diversity (see Ivan Illich works), the importance of the media, and a high quality press, etc.)

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